Bagi bike controller

Rick Burner

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6:52 AM
May 1, 2021
Here is what happened I was sold the 48 volt battery after the 36 volt battery went bad from not being charged for three months while I WAS BACK AT MY HOME IN VEGAS and the bike was left in FLA.

When I bought the new battery they reset the display saying that was all that needed to be done! The bike ran okay for a while then one day after riding in a downpour the display went blank!

The display had condensation in it so I bought a new one and it wouldn't come on! I started working with Bagi bike and was told that they had change controllers. They said that when they came into Miami they would look at the controller and see if their new ones would work. I missed them one time when I had to go back to Vegas. This problem has been going on since Dec and I used the bike to get to the beach to metal detect because of what they charge for parking in Ft Lauderdale Fla.

So now I'm trying to fix the problem myself and match up a controller that will work with the wiring harness and the battery! The bike uses a Bafang C961 display!

Any help would be deeply appreciated

Thanks Rick