Bafang bb02


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Jan 16, 2024
I have seen folks put bafang mid motor on DH, enduro, mtb bikes, is bafang suitable for this kind of riding, jumps, roots, rocks ?
Thx for answers
I put a 1000w bafang mid drive on my mtn bike. Because the additional weight can't be engineered into specific locations on the bike, the balance is off. It will still get air, but it doesn't feel as smooth as it used to before the motor. I also don't think the kits can hold up to the rattling wear and tear that true DH mountain bike rides have in store for us.

With that said, I ride it almost everywhere I used to ride before the motor. I dont really do a lot of jumping. I'll get a little air where I can, but nothing I'd share on YouTube unless it was for a laugh.

If I were planning on doing downhill trails and jumps frequently, I'd go for a OEM bike
Sure if it is installed properly, it won't come loose. It will make the bike heavier and possibly change the center of balance, how and where you mount your battery is also a factor.

Lots of new frames are not good for mounting a bafang motor because of the bottom bracket location and the curved down tube like this bike. The motor would be hanging straight down, also carbon fiber frames are not useable.