A2B Obree Charger Repairs or replacement

Gerry Moutrey

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9:20 PM
Nov 2, 2020
The charger for my A2B Obree electric bike has stopped working. I understand that A2B are no longer in business. Does anyone know where i can either get the charger repaired or buy a replacement? It would also be helpful to get design/technical details for the charger. My understanding is that the charger for individual A2B models are different. Mine is AC Input 1785-264 DC Output 42V 5A Pin 18385
The charger lead has a self aligning/magnetic male plug to insert into the battery. I live near Stroud in Gloucestershire.
The A2B Obree uses the same main charger body as a number of other ebike manufacturers however it uses a Rosenberger connector.
Rosenberger connector.jpg

There are some other high end manufactures who also use the same charge connector, but you may run into trouble finding the exact replacement charger. A quick search returned an A2B Obree charger for sale on ebay UK:
The A2B brand is now owned by Hero Eco an Indian manufacturer.
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