PAS Sensor Issue / Greenedge CS2/16 E Bike


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Aug 4, 2022
Hi All , I hope someone can assist me with the following issue I am having with my Greenedge CS2/16 E Bike .

I returned from holiday recently , during which my bike got a thorough rain soaking on the bike carrier (the battery was not in place). After leaving it for several days to dry out thoroughly in my greenhouse and thoroughly inspecting the electrics for moisture I went for a ride .

Although the lcd controller is fully functional speed, distance etc. and the throttle control works as normal there is unfortunately no readout or assistance on the PAS system at any setting. I assumed I must have knocked the PAS magnet out of alignment when dismounting the bike form the rack.

I have checked this and recalibrated it , checked all the cable connections for all the control systems and they appear to be functioning (i.e brake signal activates on the controller.)

I have checked that the cable from the female plug that goes into the controller board is unbroken (by putting in staples to the holes , this gives an E message on the controller when shorted ) so I'm assuming that the cable does not have a break in it.

I have tried to check for continuity from the magnetic sensor to the male plug ,but cannot figure out a way to test this (any advice would assist).

can anyone assist with any further checks I could perform to check the PAS magnet lead cable is still whole ?

I have looked at EBikes direct and elsewhere for a replacement PAS sensor unit and the EBikes direct one supplied now is totally different to the original one (different type / major issue is connection plug is completely different appears to now go into a plug on the PCB board, whereas mine has a 3 pin male and female rubberised connection and the board is hardwired and resin bound).

Any help would be massively appreciated on any aspect , as I use the bike to commute to work daily.

I have tried to give as much detail as possible in advance.

Best regards and thanks in advance for any help given . Glenn


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Jul 28, 2022
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Hello Glenn68! It looks like you check the brake sensors, but I would unplug both the left and right brakes cut off sensor. Generally if these were faulty, the PAS and throttle would not work. However I have seen some strange things in my times. It's a quick test and would be helpful to know! If you needed to buy a new sensor, I wouldn't be too worried about the different plug type, if you are comfortable with soldering or joining wires, you can just cut the end of one plug. I normally cut the rubber cylinder end because the JST-SM connector is easier to make a male and female lead for, and kits for the pins and connectors are very cheap. :)