Y'all I dang gon need sum help

elliterate e biker

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3:26 PM
May 28, 2023
I just got a used exotic explorer sportcool e bike.i can have the display powered off and when I press power on the battery,the hub motor automatically starts spinning.how do I fix this issue?I tried calling the people over yonder at exotic tech support but I enjoyed talking to him as much as I did my ex wife's divorce lawyer.and honestly I think I got the same amount of help from one as I did the other.
Hey....welcome to the forum......ain't got no help regardin that ebike of yers but.....sumbuddy will start flappin ther lips here soon.....good luck!
Sounds like someone rigged the battery output to go right to the motor.
If not, the controller's jacked up.
Does it look like this one?
Exotic Explorer Sport.jpg