Upgrade recommendations Ariel Rider D-Class


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Aug 16, 2023
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I have an Ariel Rider D-class 750amp hub x2 and im pondering power upgrades but there doesn't seem like there is much of a jump in power with motors out there without going higher voltage. The bike has gotten heavy with added 2x 15a batteries in ammo boxes as sable bags and deep tread dirt bike tires. Ive probably added 40lb along with me at 225. I dont want to over volt what i have to get more power as thats different batteries.

My current battery setup nets me somewhere in the range of 45amps at 54v , and running both hubs at full throttle Im seeing just over 2000w on the display

I guess my question is will upgrading the rear or both controllers to 35amp make much of a difference? Will I need a different display ( i doubt it ) if going to larger controllers?

You are already putting over 1000 watts each into two 750 watt motors, what exactly are you trying to achieve? Go much higher, and you will need two new motors.

If you want more speed, then more voltage, or new motors with a different turn count, but that will result in less torque for acceleration and hill climbing.

As for a new controller, don't see the point but as for the display, if you buy a controller that supports your current display, then no you will not need a new one. If it doesn't, then yes, you will.

You can do an inexpensive test by perforning the shunt mod. This is not without some risk, but no different that a higher amp controller.