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  1. S

    New battery - worth it? - Ariel Rideal

    I have an Ariel Rideal e-bike, bought new in Nov 2021. I used it during the 2022 season but the battery was dead when I tried it this spring. I contacted the manufacturer and sent in the battery for eval. They said it couldn't be repaired and a replacement would cost me $400. My question is why...
  2. D

    Upgrade recommendations Ariel Rider D-Class

    1st post oh-boy I have an Ariel Rider D-class 750amp hub x2 and im pondering power upgrades but there doesn't seem like there is much of a jump in power with motors out there without going higher voltage. The bike has gotten heavy with added 2x 15a batteries in ammo boxes as sable bags and...
  3. DSal

    Help Buying New Ebike

    Hello! I'm looking for some guidance and suggest as to which ebike I should buy. I'm male, 5'9 and roughly 220 lbs. I'm looking for an ebike that will mostly be roads/commute. Some trails would be nice, but won't be the reason for buying. I would like a powerful ebike, maybe even with throttle...
  4. P

    20x4 tires for Ariel Rider X Class

    I’m looking for a durable, low noise street tire for my Ariel Rider X Class. Have any suggestions? (20x4)
  5. Roger That

    Grizzly assembly

    I'm assembling my new grizzly, but the wheel isn't spinning freely, even without any bolts on the axle, and no caliper installed. Is this normal?
  6. J

    Grizzly V3 throttle question

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have a Grizzly with dual controllers / motors. The front hub is on the slave and the rear is on the master controller. I can switch between motors , front rear or both with the bar mounted switch. I have purchased a left hand full twist throttle that I would...
  7. H

    older ariel rider d class - which model is this?

    I purchased a second hand ariel d class with 80 miles on it. Confused because my rider has left hand throttle plastic fenders a full metal chain guard. Does anyone know what year this would be.
  8. M

    Replacement battery for Ariel grizzly

    Hi, my battery was stolen from my Ariel Grizzly ebike. Any suggestions on how I can get a replacement? Thanks.
  9. J

    Kepler arrived - Ariel Rider

    Ordered 05/20/22..received earlier than expected. Double boxed and well packed. no problem with assy. Came with owner manual with torque values but vague instructions. There are YouTube videos for extra help. 12 price tool kit, touch up paint and a bag of extra screws. Quick release front axle...
  10. J

    Ariel Rider Kepler June shipping update

    Just confirming that your Kepler bikes were successfully delivered to the third-party warehouse where our bikes are shipped from. This means that we will begin offloading and prepping to start shipping your batch (early!) this week, and hope to have this batch shipped by the end of the week.
  11. easyheimer

    Ariel Rider Kepler Review


    E-Biking in Virginia City, NV on my Ariel Rider Grizzly V2

    Link to E-Biking in Virginia City Video
  13. D

    Best bike lock for Ariel Rider D Class

    Just wondering what the best lock would be for an Ariel Rider D Class. Maybe something that screws in place. ?? Thoughts.
  14. D

    ariel rider: grizzly vs d class

    so im going to be purchasing either the grizzly or d class. in the videos i have watched, as far as a drag race is concerned, the d class is initially slightly quicker off the line, then the power and torque of the grizzly takes over and wins out. probably all in all is about 2 mph faster...
  15. L

    Shipping Insurance for Ariel Rider ebike

    Looking to purchase ebike from Ariel Will ship from Washington State to Pennsylvania. Should I buy shipping insurance @ around $70; Ariel only covers $100 in damages.

    Ariel Rider Grizzly - Now I understand the hype

    Ive really been able to access places around town I normally would not have the patience, energy or time to visit. The E-bike is a solution for people that need to get out but feel like their mobility is limited for one reason or another. The Ariel Rider Grizzly is a solid machine.
  17. easyheimer

    Ariel Rider CEO Talks Shipping!