Tires & Tubes tubeless + liner?


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3:12 AM
Oct 17, 2022
I'm converting to tubeless from current
tube setup on my 29"...
that's not under question..

I'd really like to end my flats..
how much more protection could
I expect by adding a liner or another type of reinforcements?
which could add up to another 60$ per tire..

I still want low resistance etc and not noticeable in the ride..add much as possible..

I run tubes and strips in my 29er(Mr. Tuffy type strips although I dont think they are the brand I bought) I ride a lot of trails in the North East USA. I don't do a lot of jumps ot anything like that. I have never had a flat from puncture or rim pinch with this set up. When I didn't have a motor on my bike the weight of the strips was noticeable, but now that there's a motor, the strips are worth the weight.

People are using foam tubes similar to a pool noodle these days with success as an alternative to rim strips.
liner strips will not work without a tube to keep the liner pressed between the inside of the tire and the inflated tube.