Solder stick connectors.


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3:25 AM
Jun 19, 2022
I have some of those solder stick connectors that have low temp solder in them.
I've used them before on other projects and they seem ok to me , but I was wondering if anyone else has some experiences to share?

My heart gun melts the solder well and they seem solid. I ohm test them and again, seem to do a good job.
I've been using crimp butt connectors, then seen these but haven't tried them yet:

The Aventon Aventure I am getting ready to completely redo with better components will have these used on the connections.
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I tried them and didn't like them. I'm sure there is a technique to getting them to melt just right without themselves melting but I found them to be a little more delicate than the marine heat shrink adhesive connectors I am used to using. I like the adhesive versions as they reinforce the strength of the connection. And since they ain't broke...

BTW for someone who isn't familiar with the crimping process who comes along to this thread some time in the future: