Replacement BMS for 48 volt battery 13S


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Jun 22, 2022
Have any of you seen a BMS that looks like this? (see photo below) It is off a 48 volt battery. It is a 13S, but instead
of having a single 13 wire multiplug, this one has a 10 wire one and then a seperate 3 wire one.
All wires from both plugs go to the battery cells, so the smaller plug does not perform a seperate function.
It had a label on it but 90% of it has worn off so I can't trace it. Also I can't find one online that looks like this.
I supect my BMS is faulty as the battery stopped charging. My multimeter reads 47 volts from the positive and negative terminals
of the battery and 22 volts at the output/discaharge wires at the BMS.


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Replacement BMS does not need to "look like this", it just needs to do the same, or better, job.

Never seen the Balance tap seperated like that. Likely you will need to prepare a new connector.