Prodecotech Phantom X3 - $600

This bike is a better value than any new one that you can buy, because those new e-bikes at the $600 price point have a smaller battery - one that won’t go as long as this bike’s. Plus, you’ll save money on sales tax if you buy from me!

This battery is 614Watt/Hrs (minimum of 25 miles cycling distance, maximum 30 miles depending on terrain and how much you weigh), and I only charged it and used the bike roughly 20 times before I stored the bike in the garage and the battery in a climate controlled closet.

You can charge the battery 2000 times before it starts to lose capacity, so you have 1980 more times. I also just took this to Batteries Plus and asked them to test the voltage which is fine (see pic) and you can ride it and test how long it lasts if you want to…but you’ll be leaving your phone or driver’s license with me .

I am including a comfy aftermarket seat, this awesome pannier bag with a patch kit, a spare tube, and some bike tool I have forgotten the use for.

Yes, this bike is 10 years old.. But you or your child will absolutely LOVE this bike for the money. It retailed at $1800 when it was new. I’m selling it because this is a toy I never used and I need to buy some new toys.


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