Great, it allows you to convert your e bike to an e scooter. All the people who buy and use them will get the reduced range that those who just ride the throttle get to enjoy. Not for me though, I still like to pedal.
What strikes me about them is this: Exercise aspects aside, we NEED functional pedals to comply with the laws. If we get pulled over by a cop because it looks like we don't have functional pedals, and then we try to be slick and deploy them back into pedals, do we think it's going to fool him? Nope; it's just going to piss him off.

It's like drinking before going for a drive in a car, and when we get pulled over for driving badly, say to the cop: "...but I'm not drinking NOW!"

I like Honda's approach for the Chinese eBike market better, even if it is not elegant: they have functional pedals to satisfy the law, but then ALSO a place to rest one's feet:


Yeah those pegals in my own opinion stop being pedals once they are transformed into pegs lol

oh well :)

WHOOAAA!! That Dax looks nice :)
A pegal would have a larger market if the length of the stroke could be adjusted straight in and out (as versus pivot at a single point). This way, for those who ride shorter frames, they can shorten the stroke to keep their thigh from rising above level (and stressing the knee joint).
I think the one thing most police officers know about eBikes is, if there's no pedals, it's not an electric bicycle.
Pedals, the loophole that keeps on giving.
Pegles aren't really targeted at regular normie eBikes, they're more for high power eBikes like Onyx, or Stealth clones which have useless pedals anyway.