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Tomm Williams

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4:40 AM
Jun 16, 2023
Northern California
Hello everyone

New member from N California here saying hello. Very recently purchased a Pivot E Vault that I’ve been testing its capabilities with great satisfaction. Looking forward to exchanging knowledge and ideas with all of you.

My journey to E Biking was brought on by a pending major back surgery in a few months that will significantly alter my cycling conditioning. I’ve enjoyed doing several centuries and many other somewhat shorter rides with annual mileage numbers around 3000 miles and climbing numbers usually around 200,000’.

I’m hoping the Pivot will speed my journey back to full cycling and as I’m turning 63 soon, I’m likely going to be resorting to it more frequently as time passes.

Cheers all !!
Welcome, from SE Wisconsin!

I hope your back surgery pans out OK and you're back on a bike soon!
Welcome, know what it's like. I've had 5 back surgeries 2 knee elbow wrist 2 noses and thank god for e bike. wish you well. Keep positive!