Hub Motor Magnets


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3:30 AM
Oct 18, 2022
Hoping some one can help me, I had to disassemble my Voilamart hub motor given one of the halls was bad and the motor was making weird noises. Upon opening the motor. I was surprised to understand how this motor was still working. I found a lot of rust and some of the magnets had come lose and were stuck to the stator.

The bad part is, there are 4 or 5 magnets that snapped in half (broken). So these are sized about 24mm X 12.5mm and thickness-wise they are thin 1.5mm.

Also I read that the type of magnet matters so not sure if these are Neodymium N50s, N51, N52 ? Voilamart site just says they are rare earth and know nothing about magnets.

Does anyone know where I can order these from ? Tried Amazon, eBay etc not much luck - as seems I would have to buy larger size and grind them down. I also tried Voilamart support but they were no help.

Appreciate any help, as my e-bike is out of commission.