How can i mount a light


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Oct 21, 2023
I am taking off the front rack however the light is mounted on the front of the rack. So when i take it off how can i mounted on the front tubing any suggestions? Please see photos.


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You won't know until (1) you get that rack off (2) you trace back the headlight lead (3) you see whatever else you can fasten it to.

So you know - the Original Headlights for eBikes frankly all suck - a handlebar mounted headlight shines farther and in general wider than a fender or fork mounted light - and you have a jillion choices from $30-$100+ on Amazon - rechargeables require no wire connect and can give 2+ hours full blast light
Take the cargo rack off & mount your headlight to the 4 bolts that hold your rack to the head tube.
Just make you a adapter plate out of some 1/8" thick aluminum plate with 4 mounting holes. 2 bolt holes for the cargo rack bolt spacing & 2 more bolt holes for the light bolt spacing.
You can use a card board beer box or a cereal box to make a card board template. Then just transfer your card board template to a piece of 1/8" aluminum plate. Then cut & drill your holes for your mounting plate.