Hi From Garden Grove, California - Rad Mini Rack

Mark EB1

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7:21 AM
Dec 26, 2020
Garden Grove, California
Merry Christmas, everyone.

I'm from Orange County, California, in a town called Garden Grove. I recently bought a Rad Power Rad Mini (version 4). I love it. There's nothing mini about it, except for the 20 inch tires. Thinking of putting a hitch on my sedan, and then a bike rack that mounts on the hitch. The plain bike carriers won't support a 65 pound bike. Not with the thin metal that cars are known to have these days.
Hi there,

Merry christmas to you too, and welcome to ebikes forum! Looking forward to hearing more about your Rad Mini ebike.
Hello and best of luck with your Mini. I got my Radrover 5 in August and love it. Found a rack from Northern Tool to carry it on my Jeep!
Hey Mark,

I’m pretty close to you in the City of Orange.

I have a de-restricted Class 1 EMTB (Raleigh Kodiak IE Pro that I have been riding for 7 months now.

I have had more fun (and comfort) on this bike in 7 months (1400 riding miles) than I have had on my Specialized Carbon Street bike over the past 6 years.

I spend a lot of time riding Santiago Canyon (out towards Cooks Corner), and the local bike paths around Orange.

We should try to meet up and head out for a quick 20 to 25 miler...lol

Enjoy your bike and welcome to the Forum.

Ray Fletcher
Orange, CA