Fischer Proline EVO ECU 1760 questions?


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2:33 PM
Apr 28, 2020

I came across the Fischer EVO ECU 1760 with the parallelogram suspension seat post. Since the normal seat posts on bicycles are always no good for me, I wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with this seat post. Is it really much more convenient?

The eBike also speaks of a heart rate monitor and a heart rate belt. Does that make any sense? Is that integrated into the bike computer or something similar?
Those seat posts are great, they are very well sprung. As with any other eBikes that you can always replace the seat post and get a high-quality one. If you want a high quality air suspension seat post, that's a pretty good option too.

As far as the heart rate monitor and the heart rate belt are concerned, if you want to increase your fitness level, you can train with the help of the watch and the heart rate belt. Your pulse has no influence on the settings on the bike (pedal assistance or gear).