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    Fischer EM 1608 E-MTB

    I have a question, would like to get an e-bike but can't decide between the two: 1. Fischer ProLine EM1608 E-MTB 27.5 inch 2. Rex Bergsteiger 7.8 E-MTB Twentyniner Which is the better one of the two? Thanks in advance
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    Fischer Proline EVO ECU 1760 questions?

    Hello, I came across the Fischer EVO ECU 1760 with the parallelogram suspension seat post. Since the normal seat posts on bicycles are always no good for me, I wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with this seat post. Is it really much more convenient? The eBike also speaks of a heart...
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    Fischer EM 1723 E-MTB App?

    I bought the bike but I cannot find anything about the app in the operating instructions. When I search for Fischer in the app store, I only find the range calculator from Fischer. I read there is something about navigation in the app. Is it a different app or how does it work?