Electric Bike Insurance Companies?


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1:56 PM
Apr 28, 2020
I got a big shock a few days ago once I renewed my house insurance. The insurer instructed me that my electric bike was not insurable with them. I explained to them that it was restricted to 15mph etc. But they said that if I needed to recharge the battery on the bike then they could not insure it. For this reason I now have no third party insurance while riding my bike. I tried some other insurance companies and got an identical response. So I went to the shop from where I bought my electric bike and they said no one else had ever raised this problem with them however, they said they would check out it urgently and get back to me after having a talk with some insurance companies.

So here I am waiting I would urge absolutely everyone who rides an electric bike to check with their insurance what they are covered for.
The problem is not that they wont insure your bike, it's that some insurance companies won't insure your private home for fires because of the battery concerns of the ebike. You might want to look into Velosurance or Markel, both of whom deal with electric bike insurance.