Ebike back tire locked up and skidded to a halt....


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May 27, 2020
So I was riding last night going up and down the streets no problem. All of a sudden my back tire (hub motor) starts to skid and comes to a halt. It seems like it over torqued because it bent my steel frame out of place (impressive). I bent the frame back into place with a torch etc etc. Got the wheel back on with some more appropriate washers and still when I twist the throttle there's little to no movement and occasionally backwards almost as if the positive and negative were switched but they're not. The wire coming from the hub with 3 wires at the end (blue, green, and yellow) is a little torn up where it connects to the hub.. I hope its not permanently damaged.....

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You got to get anti torque arms on both sides or the wheel is going to torque out.
It came with "torque washers", I guess that's what you'd call them. They have a lip on the end that sits in the drop out.
Those things don't work ... go to Amazon and get 2 of them and use them instead of the washers. Unless you want the wheel to torque off. On your next build make sure you get the torque arms. I have a 1000 watt rear hub and had major torque issues until I got the arms.

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Yup... had to get a new hub motor. I'm surprised the torque arms do not come with the kit...
Is there resistance/binding when trying to spin without power or does it spin freely?
Hmmm. lemme go check real quick. yeah, there's resistance without power.
Probably a short in phase wires somewhere. This happened to me when my phase wires and connector all melted together from too much current. You should inspect your phase wires closely for chaffing, melting, and exposed wiring.
Im guessing part of the problem is my disc brake rubbing on the wire... My stupid self didn't even notice the screws hitting it.
yeah, that looks like your problem. To fix it you are going to have to start taking it apart and try cutting back the sheathing to get a good look at the damage to the wires. Damaged wires are going to be hard to fix in the spot so plan on opening up the motor and replacing damaged wiring.

Replacing phase or hall sensor wires can be a pain. Hope it's an easy fix without opening the motor. If you get it fixed I would definitely recommend removing the disc spacer if you can and try to pull your motor wires towards the frame and away from your disc as best you can.
Looks like a damaged phase or hall sensor wire or you damaged something else in your controller when it shorted. You going to have to go through the motor wiring and fix what's damaged. You'll probably have to remove the motor side cover to inspect all the wires. If you're controller was damaged too, sometimes they can be fixed but you'll probably need a new one unless you know how to repair circuit boards.

It might also be two motor phases shorted together. At a minimum you need to clean up the wires where they are shorted and re-insulate them.
Solder properly .and use heat shrink tubing around each wire. If that doesn't work the short has likely caused damage to either your controller or the interior motor windings or both. At that point you probably need a new motor and controller. Sometimes they can be fixed, but you really need to be a electronics technician to have any chance at success.