Brand new S18 will not fire up??


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May 13, 2022
Just joined this forum. i am from Arizona and just received my S18 1500 W EBIKE. Charged the battery 24 hours and cannot get the LCD display to light up. Battery charger indicates green. Any suggestions?
Customer service contacted me and explained how to turn the key to the " on " position. Had to use a flashlight to barely see the " on " which was painted brown. Better instructions would be helpful for sure. Thanks for your time with my problem.


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Can't believe it, E Bay emailed us and told us how to use the key to turn the battery on. We thought the key was only for removing the battery from the bike. You actually had to use a flashlight to see the " on " for the key and it was painted brown which made it very hard to see . The brief one page manual for this bike did not even mention how to use the key to power up the display. As you can tell we are new to the EBIKE scene. Bought the bike through E-Bay and was very surprised they were able to help us . My wife actually called them as we were going to send it back. I also contacted Aostirmotor for help. They responded and were on the way to helping us also but E-Bay beat them. I cant thank everyone enough for their interest in what was a very minor problem which could have been prevented with proper instruction. After putting this bike together and finding it powerless i was pretty ticked. Now i'm going to Ride Smart and enjoy my new bike!!