Brake tensioner


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Jul 19, 2023
My wife has a Pendleton Somerby electric , great bike but she fell off it the other day and now the small aluminium tensioner on the rhs ( front brake) is completely bent and useless. I have bought a 10mm and a 7 mm but neither of them fit ! Is it an 8 or 9 mm ? I cannot get one anywhere!
Halfords from where it came new 10 months ago seem totally disinterested!!! Any ideas where I can buy said piece? It’s only a 5 min job to fit!
Cheers John H.


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Aug 9, 2022
Hi, I’m probably not going to be able to offer too much help here but that bike appears to have V-Brakes. The cable goes down through a guide tube which sits in a pivoting bracket that attaches to one brake arm, the end of the cable then goes through a pinch bolt/nut where it is locked down on the other brake arm. Both brake arms are attached and pivot on mounts that are on the front fork.
If this is what you have, I’m not sure what the “small tensioner” is?
Maybe a photo or better description would help. However it is quite common for the pinch bolts on many systems to be 9mm. You should be able to just measure across it with a metric ruler to figure out the size fairly easily.