Bafang display replacement


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Jun 19, 2022
I currently have a luna x2 w the Dpc240 display. I broke it and then it got wet. So I want to upgrade since I'm replacing it anyway.My question is the dpc240 has the can cable that plugs directly into back of the display. All the ones I look up online have a cable that comes out the back that has the exact plug I do only it looks like that has to be plugged in somewhere. I need a display that I can just plug my can cable into. Anyone have any idea or help please. Thanks Jp


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CAN bus displays are rare as hens teeth. In part because CAN bus motors tend to be sold as part of a manufactured ebike and not a DIY project. Luna sells the DPC 240 and I suspect you are going to have to stick with it.

Speaking of which, they also sell an M600 version of the 860C that has a CAN display cable sticking out of it. Ask them if you can use it on an X2. My personal favorite full size display is the 860C, as its visible in full daylight and can display real time watts and amps at the same time.

Thanks for the info. I have been able to find the can bus displays. But like I said they have the plug coming from the display instead of going to it. I know I could make it work but I don't want to void any kind of warranty I have. I think I will go with the 860c it's just a little big. Thanks again. I wasn't sure if I was missing something or what. (They say the 860c will work). We'll see.