any feedback on orbea wild e bike ??

I sold my 2019 Carbon Expert Levo and ordered an Orbea Wild Team. The Levo/Brose motor only lasted me 450 miles and the bearings were grinding. My buddy's Levo is doing the same thing with about 600 miles. I did the MyO so I wont have it for a few months. I've read a lot of reviews and it sounds promising. The geo looks great for climbing (seat tube angle) and descending (headtube angle).

A buddy of mine rode the Bosch Gen 4 and said its way more quiet than the older version and almost as smooth as his Levo/Brose. He also said the power was dang close to the Brose. He said the Bosch Gen 4 doesn't have much drag once you hit the 20mph restrictor either, much like the Brose. From everything I've read and heard, the Bosch Gen 4 is as close as you'll get to the Brose, but more reliable.
Looks like a very nice bike with good specs. The sizing is a bit odd. The dropper post will need upgraded eventually. Check that the battery is "Trailside interchangeable" and check if it is upgradable to a larger capacity in the future.
Already did. Thanks though.

I was referring to your original comment of an interchangeable battery or upgradable battery. It has an extender battery so you don't have to carry one in your pack. 1125wh is plenty.