1. D

    Orbea Wild M Team Vs Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 SLT

    Hello, This is to find out on behalf of a colleague of mine that he purchased and tried the Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 SLT. It's a bike that has everything to be the best but in my opinion I like the Orbea Wild M Team 750 Wh. I return to my topic, which is to help me advise my colleague. He...
  2. E

    For Sale Orbea Urrun 30 29er 2023 Electric Mountain Bike

    4 months old used a handful or times. Message for more details Orbea Urrun 30 29er 2023 Electric Mountain Bike
  3. W

    Newbie Keith here - Orbea Gain D30 1X

    Hi everyone, I have just got an Orbea Gain D30 1X & I am really happy with it. I got it to take on the trails when I can find one & on longer rides that I might need some assistance on. I am new to the Morpeth area but I am sure I will find some great local roads, there certainly seems to be a...
  4. Jon-C

    Orbea Gain M30 front derailleur

    Hi I'm looking to change the set up on my Gain M30 to single speed on the chain ring. Removing the front derailleur and installing a suitable rear cassette. Has anybody already done this please and what components did you use. Thanks Jon
  5. Pemberton

    Orbea Mahle 35 replacement

    Hi I have an Orbea Gain ebike. My LBS is fitting a new main battery and have told me that the installation is a full days work. Is this really true?
  6. naish155

    Orbea wild fs m ltd bosch battery issue

    Hi all. Im new on hear so please bare with me I went to charge my battery last night (powertube 625) and all i keep getting is 2 solid green lights. No power on the battery with the power button either Please help
  7. O

    Orbea Wild FS 2020/2021 H25 reliability issues

    Hi, Just wondering if I am alone - Have an Orbea Wild FS, and in less than 200 miles I have a suspension bearing failure (loud clicking), and local dealer says its wear and tear, not covered by warranty.... Sounds to me like it's not fit for purpose if I can't do 200 miles on it without...
  8. S

    Is anyone riding the new Orbea Wild FS?

    Real world ride impressions? I'm pretty interested in this one...
  9. B

    any feedback on orbea wild e bike ??

    any feedback on the new orbea wild e bike ??
  10. M

    New Orbea Wild EMTB

    This ebike for me checks all the boxes! http://https://www.pinkbike.com/news...batteries.html 160/160 travel New Bosch motor 625WH Battery Ability to add a second battery Modern geo
  11. S

    Orbea Gain

    Just bought a Orbea Gain road bike and thought it would be wise to join a Forum so here I am. I am nearing the other end of 50 and have been cycling on and off for a number of years my Steed being a Pinnacle carbon all 105ed up etc... I noticed at the tail of last summer I was starting to...