A few questions regarding lithium batteries...


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Aug 21, 2018
i have a few questions regarding lithium batteries....i am not so knowledgable yet, but evidently there are several different types of lithium batteries nowadays with different performance levels.... i am considering changing me 48 volt alloy metal battery pack from bussetti bikes i got about 3 years ago... what i am wondering is, is the statement below accurate???


These 52 volt 11ah and 15ah BYI soft pack Lithium Ion batteries are a major technology breakthrough. The technical name is Lithium Nickel Maganese Oxide (LiNiMnO2) strip cell soft pack battery. This is a big leap forward from the LifePO2 batteries because it holds 45% more usable power per pound (very low safety shut off) than common Li-on (LifePO4) batteries. It also does not heat up while charging or using. BYI softpack Super Li-ion can last 300-400% longer than other Li-on types and this allows us to give a 3 year 2000 charge FULL REPLACEMENT WARRANTY on the battery and motor. Normal Li--ion batteries have a 65% safety shut off setting so you are not allowed to use the other Third of the stored charge. This is to avoid damage to the battery caused by heat and low voltage. BYI soft pack strip cell technology solves this problem by not having any metal structure inside the battery which allows BYI to use over 92% of all power in the battery every time. This is possible because BYI batteries don't heat up during charging or usage.

The other question is there some reliable company in china that makes these batteries a bit cheaper than bussetti does??... it appears to me that bussetti is simply buying them from china and putting their name on them....

several companies in china sell Li-on (lifePO4) lithium batteries for considerable less cost, if i can't find this new improved LiNiMnO2 type for a better price, do you suggest going with the older type lifePO4 type???... are these newer type batteries worth twice the price???

one more question, can we use the same kind of charger for various types of lithium battery????... or do chargers have to match each type???.... thanks
I would be a bit concerned about buying from an ebike company ‎that clearly lists their bikes cruising at 30mph, which presumably is under electric power. Also the big warning about Chinese ebike companies posting false negative reviews sounds a bit paranoid. It may be true but that means any negative review is treated as an intrusion from the Chinese ebike companies?

Great to have a "made in US ebike" company but I have never seen this one in Pete's ebike report or on the list of LEVA.org ebike manufacturers.

Tread carefully on this one. And yes this chemistry needs a different charger or a charger that can be set to ‎the specific voltage / current requirements of this chemistry.
hi there, I think it is not this "China ebike negative review" is not that case in these two years. I had some foreign buyers from Italy, UK and Germany who told me that China ebike has been improving since 3 or 4 years ago. They now had a stable import from China. Although some of them got some trouble with after sales service, still, they like purchasing from China. So, thank you for your clarification

So, it seems that you are experienced in dealing with China ebike, so would you like to share your experience of trading with China with me?