1. K

    Upgrade Velowave Ghost Handlebars

    I need to change the stock handlebars that come on the Velowave Ghost. Riding in that bent over position is very fatiguing on the hands. Browsing handlebars on Amazon, and it seems that they do not have hardly enough flat area for the controls. I need a minimum of 8" on the ends, even more if...
  2. J

    Velowave Ghost E-bike - Unboxing, Assembly, Add-ons, Tips and Review

    During the black Friday sales we'd decided it would be a good time to purchase an E-bike for me. I'd chosen the Velowave given height and weight requirements, also it was a company that had parts and after market support The battery size and motor power is more than sufficient. I'm documenting...
  3. J

    Velowave fenders??? Ranger and Ghost

    anyone adding aftermarket fenders? Links, pictures?
  4. Mysery

    Velowave Ghost love the bike hate the seat

    I've tried 2 different seats and still haven't found one I like. I can't get it back far enough or find one wide enough. It looks like a custom one is in my future. I've already changed out the handle bars and a riser which helps some.
  5. 5

    Velowave Ebike Kids's Seat?

    Hello all, I have the Velowave Ranger FMTB3 and was wondering if anyone has been able to add a kid's seat behind the main seat, or mount a trailer on the back. I have a 3 year old I'd like to ride with. Velowave does sell a rack/fender kit but I'm unsure whether it will work with either of...
  6. V

    Speed cap hack to increase speed help - Velowave

    Help me Got a velowave ranger anyone know how to increase speed / remove speed cap I’ve already reduced tire size