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    CYC X1 PRO GEN 2 Kit $750

    I bought this kit during covid along with a few BBSHD's. I built the BBSHD kits but never got around to using the CYC. At this point I am happy with what I have and do not want to spend the money on another bike to build out. All of the parts in the kit are new. It has the upgraded BAC2000 but...
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    new mtb build - CYC pro gen 1 kit

    hi after several months of research, i put together my list for a build.. went from box to builder straight to road /kit installed complete.. bout 10 days from ordering bike to first ride.. donor bike :: new polygon xtrada 7,, great starter and highly upgradeable,,great price motor kit ...
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    Cyc x1 gen pro 2 controller problem

    Hello. I have buyed a cyc x1 gen pro 2 kit and i have a problem. The technical support doesnt answer the emails... Anyone has this kit? is quite similar to bbshd. My problem is that the controller (bac 2000) make a red light blinking. perhaps i conect in bad position the speed sensor o pedal...
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    CYC X1 Pro Gen2 Ebike Motor

    This motor looks pretty rad. 36-72v battery, high amp controller, lightweight. I have BBS02 and BBSHD motors but would consider this if I was looking for a new one.
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    mid-drive motor kits are only for people 5'9" or taller (Bafang, CYC, GNG, etc)

    I was considering getting a mid-drive motor kit and discovered an apparently industry-wide oversight: all the motors on the market are shipping with cranks that are designed for tall people. Full article If anyone knows of a shop who is on the ball enough to make crank size an option, please...