mid-drive motor kits are only for people 5'9" or taller (Bafang, CYC, GNG, etc)


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Jan 15, 2020
I was considering getting a mid-drive motor kit and discovered an apparently industry-wide oversight: all the motors on the market are shipping with cranks that are designed for tall people.

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If anyone knows of a shop who is on the ball enough to make crank size an option, please mention them here.

I had the same problem on the other end. I am 6'8" and ride 180mm cranks. Many brands of cranks have the same square taper as Bafang. I just sawed and filed off the spider on a set of cranks I had and it bolted right up. You could hire any machinist to do a neat milling job.
Aftermarket cranks are available in a variety of lengths and offsets. These are usually made of a stronger material than the stock cranks and will not start to wear on the square hole and work loose (usually the left one).