Cyc x1 gen pro 2 controller problem


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4:46 PM
Jun 14, 2022

I have buyed a cyc x1 gen pro 2 kit and i have a problem. The technical support doesnt answer the emails...
Anyone has this kit? is quite similar to bbshd. My problem is that the controller (bac 2000) make a red light blinking. perhaps i conect in bad position the speed sensor o pedal sensor the first time. I hope someone knows what to do.

Thanks, Kind regards.
You bought a product based on hype and did little research. Their techs don't answer emails because they are not paid very well. I get paid even less for this.

You have an ASI controller. Great capabilities, but well-supported and tested and reliable, they are not.

You wanted a high-performance machine without a proper understanding of what that involved. Your education process has now commenced.
I would bet money that you will not, but you should come back and post the solution, if you get one.

But, you won't. You could be the one in one hundred that actually tries to help others, and is not just a selfish prick who does not give a damn about anyone else and just wants to get theirs.

Will you be the one, or the 100?
if the ASI support give me a solution i will write it here. Good thing share information. I´m going to left open this post in navitagor to don´t forget it.
If ASI is ABSOLUTELY NO HELP AT ALL, that would also be useful information to share with the hive mind.

Finding out what is NOT a solution is also helpful in order to find out what a better solution actually IS.
At the end, i have resolved the problem by my self (and the advise of a friend). The problem was a position on a magnetic part of the speed sensor. It must be paralel with sensor, not 90º.
At this moment i have not response of ASI or cyc.