bpm imports

  1. chris.topinka

    Replacement Key for BPM Imports f-35

    Any idea how to get a replacement key for a bmp imports f-35?
  2. C

    rear tire replacement - BPM 750W

    Has anyone been successful in replacing the rear tire on a bike with a rear hub motor? I recently replaced the front tire but, I'm a bit hesitant to replace the rear tire myself for fear of not being able to get the tire to run true after replacing the tire. BTW I have a 750 W BPM fat tire...
  3. L

    Speed Limiter on BPM F-15RZ

    Does anyone know how to disable the speed limiter on the 2022 BPM Imports F-15RZ step through bike?
  4. R

    Thoughts on a 1500 watt 48v BPM Imports F35 full suspension electric fat tire bike

    I've had kit e bikes and one that I bought from costco that was only pedal assist. This one has the throttle and it is a full suspension. Comes with an extra battery. Asking 2300. This seems a bit high to me. Thoughts on this bike? Or thoughts on what else I should consider? I'd like to stay...
  5. S

    Bpm 1000w kby-disp

    I just got 3 of them.. 2 are 1000w and one full suspension 1500w...prob is on my wifes bike it has to much power on level one..I need to turn it down... she dosent even need to help ...I can change from 3 levels to 9 levels but I can not change the level of power...I have seen were this is an...
  6. D

    BPM Imports 1000 Watt Mid Drive

    Enjoying my BPM imports 1000 watt mid Drive for three months now almost at 800 miles. This is one impressive Beast especially on the Sandy beaches here in Florida!! Ranges are 18 to 40 miles Pedal Assistance and 8 to 22 miles throttle only.
  7. R

    BPM imports 48v 750w Fat Tire ebike

    At 75 lbs it's heavy but I get about 35-40 miles on pedal assist and about 20-25 all motor. Cost $1,800. I can get 30mph if I set it to a smaller tire in the controller but when set at 26inch tire cuts out at 25mph