Thoughts on a 1500 watt 48v BPM Imports F35 full suspension electric fat tire bike


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3:56 AM
Nov 3, 2021
I've had kit e bikes and one that I bought from costco that was only pedal assist. This one has the throttle and it is a full suspension. Comes with an extra battery. Asking 2300. This seems a bit high to me. Thoughts on this bike? Or thoughts on what else I should consider? I'd like to stay under 1500. I', 5'10 250.
The battery is the single most expensive part of an ebike and it's cost is proportional to it's capacity. Batteries typically retail for between $.75 and $1.25 a watt/hour with better, higher capacity/higher output cells at the higher end of the range. A good 500wh battery being at least $500. A 1500 watt motor is about $300. Two batteries and the motor = $1300. then add a bicycle. Maybe look for either a non suspension bike and/or just one battery.