Dictionary of Ebike Acronyms & Definitions

Dictionary of Ebike Acronyms & Definitions

A list of ebike & bicycle acronyms, abbreviations & definitions to help out new members!


Battery Management System
LBS - Local Bike Shop
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
PAS - Pedal Assist System


Acoustic (or Analog) Bike

A colloquial, slang term sometimes used by ebiker's to describe a regular, non-electric bicycle.

Cadence Sensor
Measures how quickly you pedal.

A classification system developed for ebikes which is often used to determine their legality in various places and jurisdictions.
  • Class 1: These ebikes have no throttle, are electrically assisted only while pedaling, and electrical assistance terminates once the bike reaches 20 MPH​
  • Class 2: These ebikes are identical to Class 1, but add a throttle which can be used without pedaling. The throttle will power the bike no faster than 20 MPH​
  • Class 3: These ebikes provide electrical assistance while pedaling which terminates once the bike reaches 28 MPH. They can come with or without a throttle.​
The “computer” of the ebike, which connects and controls all of the various electrical components, including the throttle, pedal assist, brakes, display, battery and motor.

A process, instead of purchasing a manufactured ebike, of building an ebike from a regular, non-electric bicycle. This is commonly done by purchasing electrical components à la carte, or by purchasing convenient “conversion kits.”

A screen, usually mounted on the handlebar, which shows information such as speed, battery life, and distance traveled.

Mid Drive Motor
A mid drive motor mounts to a bicycles bottom bracket and uses the existing chain and rear sprocket. They are better for hill climbing but harder to install than a hub drive kit when doing it yourself.

Hub Drive Motor
A hub drive motor is laced into the center of bicycle wheel. You can choose either a front hub drive motor or a rear hub drive motor. Hub drive motor kits are easier to install than mid drive motor kits, since you only need to swap out the wheel. They are better for ebikes which are going to be ridden mostly on flat ground.

Step-Through Bike Frame
A bike which has no crossbar (top tube). This allows a rider to mount the bike without having to swing a leg over the seat.

A system used to “suspend” the rider, protecting against discomfort from a rugged terrain. Common applications include front, rear and seat suspensions.

A device, usually a thumb lever or a handlebar twist, which will power the ebike without pedaling.

Torque Sensor
Measures how hard you pedal.

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