Rack for Bee Cool Adventurer


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Jul 17, 2022
I just got a Bee Cool Adventurer for myself, and the Explorer for my wife. They're 65 pounds a piece. I could put them in my truck, but because of gas prices I'd like to be able to find a rack for our Hybrid Honda Accord. Trouble is the only hitches available for the Accord are 1.25", and I'm having trouble finding a rack to fit a 1.25" hitch that will support two 65 pound bikes. Do any of you know if such a rack exits?
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Yes, I've seen those, but all of the racks I've seen that support that kind of weight say "do not use an adapter."
It looks like a 1 1/4” hitch is either a Class 1 or a Class 2.

The former has a tongue weight capacity of 200 lbs and the latter 300 lbs.
If an adapter truly drops that 50% ( as stated by etrailer), then you’re at 100 lbs tongue limit for Class 1 and 150 lb tongue limit Class 2. The latter would support your two 65 lb bikes assuming the rack itself and added gear is less that 20 lbs (unlikely).

Probably best thing to do is find out what class hitch you have and ask the manufacturer how the tongue weight would be affected by an adapter.

Otherwise you might need lighter bikes or you might need to chuck them in the back (or at least one of them.) :)