Michigan DNR Proposed Rule - take public survey


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4:37 PM
Jul 23, 2023
Michigan, USA
Good for Class 1's ; not so much for the rest. I'll just keep my speed under 20 like I always do.

Allowable e-bike use would expand with land use change (Proposed)

- Expands allowable e-bike use to include Class 1 e-bikes on natural surface, nonmotorized trails on state park-managed land open to bicycles.
- Allow operation of Class 2 e-bikes on both linear paved trails and state park-managed natural surface trails for mobility purposes, as long as a cyclist had applied for and received a permit to do so.
- Class 3 e-bikes, which are pedal-assisted and have a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour, would remain prohibited on any state-managed land under the new policy.
- If the proposed change is approved, signage indicating allowable e-bike use would be placed at trailheads.

Public e-bike survey available through March 31, 2024, here:
Michigan e-bike proposed law survey