EggRider V2 keeps turning off and back on


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5:51 PM
Aug 10, 2023
Columbus, OH
I’m at my wits end trying to figure this out. Last week, my EggRider V2 started giving me an “Over Volt” message, and turns itself off and back on. I let it sit for a few hours and it mostly worked again. At least long enough to get back home.

I reached out to EggRider, and they had me recalibrate the voltage on the app, after charging the battery fully and taking a reading with a voltmeter. Honestly, it took forever to get the display to connect to my phone. I wound up having to delete the app entirely and reregistsr it.

Now, it seems like the volt thing is how it should be. But it continues to flicker on and off again, and I cannot figure out how to even troubleshoot what could be next.

TBH, I am a complete noob and have minimal knowledge of working with electrical things.

I’ve checked all the cords and all of them seem secure and undamaged. Jigging things doesn’t seem to affect the flickering. It still turns on and off when the whole thing is just sitting still.

The whole thing has been installed and in use for less than three months. It has been working just fine for all this time, and only started showing any trouble this past weekend.

The display is connected to a Bafang BBSHD on a Coaster Lux pedicab.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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Jan 13, 2023
The left coast
Sounds like a defective unit. Maybe a loose connection inside the housing or the wiring itself. Not something that would evidence itself via an external cut.