Converting your 50lb e-mtb to 44lbs with battery backpack

highroad 2

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2:13 PM
Jul 22, 2020
The Pivot Shuttle is praised for weighing in at 44lbs.
Why not get our Haibikes, levo's.......down to 44lbs by placing the battery in backpack, losing 6#'s and using an extension cord like the Krank Bros Double Ego?
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Ummm, math much? Rider and bike weight will still be the same. Just put helium in the tires, so awesome.
Yes this is possible, practical and beneficial. But not perfect. I have. Abike that can do this. Sometime I ride with batt on bike but most time I backpack it. Bike feels better when you can take the weight off.
I have a 2018 Specialized Carbon Comp Levo. I replaced the wheels with Light Bicycle 45mm carbon rims/DT Swiss hubs, tires are Nobby Nic Rocket Rons (27.5 x 3.0), and a carbon handlebar. Everything else is stock including 203 rotors and I added a seat with level 4 padding (360 grams). Bike ready to ride with pedals, bottle cage, and GPS mount weighs 45.08 lbs.

The Pivot is listed with 2.8 Rekons, and I am running 3.0 tires.
Better to have the weight on the bike than using extra energy to carry it on your body. Although it is good for the stealth aspect.
I disagree with this statement most of the time. But it's just a matter of opinion. Not sure if there is a right answer.
Keep the battery on the bike for better handling due to lower center of gravity and save your knees because you greatly increase the G loads carrying the battery on your back. Also you set yourself up to electrocute yourself or have one heck of a short. BAD MOJO