Chessie Nature Trail

Local time
4:56 PM
Jun 10, 2023
We arrived at the campground around noon yesterday, did a repair on the bike and decided to go on an impromptu ride. The person camping next to us said we could get to the Chessie Nature Trail from the campground so off we went.
It was about 3 or so miles to the trail which was about 7ish miles one way.
The phone was down to 9% so we turned it off, no pics. Lol
We had to go through a few cow gates and at one point there were 3 cows on the bike trail, my wife asked what do we do, I said on your left and rode past them.
We rode around town, Buena Viste, VA, so we ended up doing about 25 miles total.
We enjoyed it while we could it gets cold tomorrow.....