Best Electric Bikes Under $2000


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Jun 30, 2023
Source : EV Insider News

#Bike ModelPrice
1Ride1Up 700 Series$1,655.00
2Ride1Up REVV 1$1,855.00
3Vvolt Alpha$1,149.00
4Vvolt Alpha S$1,399.00
5Aventon Aventure$1,349.10
6Lectric XPedition$1,399.00
7Ride1Up Rift$1,855.00
8Aventon Pace 500.2$1,259.10
9Fiido L3$999.00
10Ride1Up Roadster v2$1,055.00
11Ride1Up LMT’D$1,655.00
12Electric Bike Company Model E$1,799.00
13Aventon Pace 500.3$1,699.00
14Aventon Sinch$1,399.00
15Ride1UP Turris$1,255.00
16Velotric Nomad 1$1,347.57
17Electric Bike Company Model A$1,399.00
18Himiway Cruiser$1,399.00
19Ecotric Rocket$799.00
20Aventon Aventure.2$1,999.00
21Velowave Prado S$1,399.00
22Velowave Ranger$1,399.00
23ENGWE EP-2 Pro$849.00
24Flyer M880$1,199.00
25Flyer L885$1,999.00
27Addmotor E-53 CityPro$1,329.05
28Cannondale Treadwell Neo$1,749.99
29Lectric XPremium eBike$1,599.00
30Aventon Level.2 Step-Through$1,799.00
31Aventon Soltera$1,100.00
32Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser$1,455.00
33Velotric Discover 1$1,161.57
34Aventon Level.2$1,799.00
35Aventon Pace 500$1,300.00
36Aventon Sinch Step-Through$1,499.00
37Rambo The Rooster$1,399.99
38Aventon Sinch.2$1,799.00
39Blix Dubbel$1,999.00
40Buzz Cerana$679.99
41Addmotor E-43 CityPro$1,329.05
42Snapcycle R1$1,299.00
43Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1$1,499.00
44Velowave Ghost$1,199.00
45ZuGo Rhino$1,750.00
46Addmotor M-560 P7$1,499.00
47Addmotor M-81$1,649.00
48Juiced Scrambler$1,249.00
49Specialized Turbo Como SL$1,999.99
50Rambo The Savage$1,999.99
51State Bicycle Co. 6061 eBike Commuter$1,299.99
52Engine-Lab NGN E450$1,799.00
53Marin Sausalito eBike$1,999.99
54Buzz Centris$679.99
55Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus$1,999.00
56Rad Power RadRunner 2$1,449.00
57Rad Power RadWagon 4$1,999.00
58Juiced RipRacer – Class 3$1,449.00
59Electra Townie Go! 7D$1,899.99
60Addmotor M-430$1,699.00
61Lectric XP 3.0$999.99