1. B

    Vitilan i7 Pro Battery/ Speed Question

    Hello! I have a stock Vitilan i7 Pro. - 48/750W Bafang motor - 48V 16A LG lithium battery - 54.6V 3.0A Fast Charger Does anyone know if I could put in a larger battery that could give more speed and distance? Would I increase the A's or larger V (52V?) - Any tips on searching, how/what to...
  2. E

    Vitilan U7

    Selling the eBike before putting it away for the wet months. There's currently ~195miles and will continue to increase as I mainly use this bike for commute to work (~20mi round trip); if the weather permits. My commute to work is shared roads and bike path. Lastly, I haven't rode this eBike in...
  3. S

    How to disable the speed limiter on my Vitilan i7?

    How do I disable the speed limiter on my Vitilan i7?
  4. DannyA

    Vitilan i7 - How do you turn on the headlight?

    How do you turn on the headlight on the Vitilan i7. I know it sounds stupid but I can't find a way.
  5. M

    Vitilan U7 foldable

    Something new we just got two of. Great power with a 750W motor, and a 48v 16ah battery. So far we have put 50 miles on them, and they are really nice rides. These arent our only ebikes. We plan on using these primarily for RV use. Not a bad unit at all for $1250 out the door. We were kinda...
  6. Bubba hiya

    New to ebikes - vitilan v3

    My name is Michael, got my ebike last July, the bike I went with was vitilan v3, I put 200 miles on it last year before being stored for winter, I have gotten it up to 30.5mph, I am 5’11” and 160ibs, so far I love the bike, nice addition when we are at the campground, only problem I have with it...