Vitilan U7 foldable


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Oct 12, 2022
Something new we just got two of. Great power with a 750W motor, and a 48v 16ah battery. So far we have put 50 miles on them, and they are really nice rides. These arent our only ebikes. We plan on using these primarily for RV use. Not a bad unit at all for $1250 out the door. We were kinda skeptical these might be a disappointment, but they are very comfortable to ride. Nice color display, and great hydraulic brakes!


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Same here. Bought the wife a U7 and liked it so much I got the I7 pro for myself. I am impressed with the U7 even more so than the I7 pro. I think it’s smoother power delivery as well as the lcd screen and controls are better than the I7pro. The i7 does feel a little more torquier but not by much. I almost wish I got the U7 instead.