1. Q

    For Sale As new Stealth Bomber B52 for sale

    For sale genuine Stealth Bomber B52 purchased from Stealth in Melbourne Australia in early November 2022 ferrow fluid and hubsinks fitted . Only ridden a few times and never of road . Bikes like this in this condition rarely come available. Vgc as new one mature 60 year old owner . Only selling...
  2. biknut

    So I guess this is my personal mobility vehicle

    I bought this bike as a young man of 60 years. I'm almost 70 now. With luck I'll be riding it at 80. My question is, does that scare you? :unsure:
  3. Q

    Stealth bomber dropout size

    Hi can someone please tell me what's the size dropouts of a 2019 genuine Stealth Bomber B52 .
  4. Q

    Motorcycle tyre for stealth bomber b52

    Hi not sure if this is the right place to post this or not and feel free to move it is nessery . I have a genuine Stealth Bomber B52 2019 . Is it possible to fit a motorcycle tyre on the standard rear rim and if you can what size should I be looking for in a motorcycle tyre to replace the...
  5. T

    Lack of welds on the back shock mount on my new stealth clone from Alibaba

    I just received a “5000W“ stealth clone I purchased from Alibaba and noticed a lack of welds on the rear shock mount and before I contact the company I want to mack sure this is not the correct configuration…? Also can someone confirm that what the accepted power wattage rating of an ebike is...
  6. T

    I ordered a stealth frame bike and am wondering how the motor specs stack up?

    So like the title says I ordered a Sealth prebuilt bike from alibaba and I'm wondering how the motor it comes with stacks up. Now I know to not believe anything a company on Alibaba says until proven otherwise but this is the only company on alibaba that I contacted that answered all my...
  7. Z

    72 volt Stealth Bomber for sale

    Brand New Bomber consisting of: Violamart Risunmotor 3000w-5000w motor, Sabvoton svmc 72100 controller, Booant 72volt 50ah Battery, 19" HD wheels with Dunlop 100 x 90 x 19" Trailsmart tires, Premium upside-down front forks, Front 410mm Yamaha brake system, Rear 203mm floating Risunmotor brake...
  8. waynepmyers

    I am building full suspension fat tire ebike with Stealth Bomber frame.

    Yeah, I'm currently building a full suspension fat tire ebike witht the Stealth Bomber frame, it's all Steel, so heavy, but I'm using the Luna Cycle Cyclone 3000watt mid-drive motor and am building a 72Volt 40Amp battery so, no worries. anyway in case your interested here are some photos. I'm...
  9. S

    Anyone own a Stealth B52 or F37? Thoughts?

    I am looking at adding a stealth bike to the stable for some fun. Anyone own one? are they as capable as they say? Meaning range, speeds etc? I may forgo buying a Trail MX and go stealth if their claims are real!
  10. A

    Cost effective E-Bike - Stealth Bomber, Hi Power Cycles, Stromer

    I've been watching E-Bikes for a long time. The first E-Bike that caught my attention was the Stealth Bomber. I fell in love with the concept of a fast, throttle bike which could go everywhere. I later wanted to purchase one, but learned that they all had one thing in common. The cost to...