1. Tomm Williams

    My Pivot E Vault experience so far….

    Hello all New member here saying hello and excited to share ideas. I’ve enjoyed riding and evaluating my new Pivot E Vault and have actually documented a few things on a different forum. I believe my findings may be more appropriate for this forum so I’ll be copy and pasting to this forum. I...
  2. D

    Pivot Shuttle- Bigger battery?

    Looking at eBikes and being a Pivot fanboy, the shuttle is my top choice. I would get it today IF it had a bigger battery. Love the ride and everything else. Is there any way to increase or carry more battery if needed? Love to see this and a bit more rear travel in a new model. My other choice...
  3. R

    My Pivot Shuttle EMTB Build

    Hi, all. I've been working on my "ultimate build" over the past year or so. Yes, it's dirty, but that's what a mountain bike is supposed to be. The latest addition to the bike was a Trust Shout fork. With a DW-Link rear end, I thought the DW designed Trust fork would be a perfect complement. And...
  4. V

    Pivot Shuttle Cheaper Build ?

    It seems the new Pivot Shuttle with the XT build now has the E7000 motor in it vs the XTR build had the E8000. How does that affect performance? How does the E7000 compare to what the Levo Expert has in it? Clearly they did this to save some costs, but is that E7000 motor strong and durable enough?
  5. P

    Shimano STEPS battery levels indicators are different on Pivot Shuttle

    I have the Pivot Shuttle with the Shimano STEPS E8000 battery and computer. At the end of my last bike ride the computer had one red battery light remaining but the battery lights on the battery had two green left. Have any of you had this happen to you? Which one is correct???
  6. A

    Pivot Shuttle eBike Reviews

    Now available and for sale in San Diego. Wish I had the 10k asking price .. matte black Does anyone here own a Pivot Shuttle ebike?
  7. J

    eMTB's with Shimano Steps & External Battery - Scott, Bikesdirect, Pivot, Diamondback

    I'm trying to find all the emtb's that use this setup. So far I know that Scott, Bikesdirect, Pivot (although it's mounted internally and $$$), and Commencal use shimano steps with external battery. What other brands are options?
  8. F

    Pivot Cycles makes an ebike - Pivot Shuttle

    It's called the shuttle. It uses the Shimano drive system since that is the smallest and best power delivery right now according to Cocalis. Big thing is it is 44 lbs according to them. Most of the bikes today are 50 lbs, even the Specialized ones with carbon wheels. This 6 lbs is going to make...