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    My review of the Commencal Meta Power

    This bike left a huge impression on me. If you love flow trails and tight corners, you should give one of these a try!
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    3.0" tyres on a Commencal Meta Power?

    I use the Suomi Fat Freddie which is a true 3.0" (75mm) for winter riding. I'm considering the Meta Power, if it can take 3.0" tyres. All the 2.8" Plus ebikes I've tried will take the 3.0" Suomi, but the Meta Power is a 2.6" bike. Anyone tried? If the bike has a 27.5 fork, not a 29/27.5+ then I...
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    Commencal Meta Power Ride Reports

    These bikes have been available for awhile now but there doesn’t seem to be much feedback from real riders. I’m hoping to demo one before commencal moves out of CA. For those of you interested you can borrow one from the factory. They’re in Carlsbad, CA for a couple more weeks before...