Meta power sx 2020 not switching on


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1:18 AM
Jun 25, 2022
I’ve been away for 3 weeks and when I wanted to go for a ride my bike wouldn’t switch on, I put it back on charge as I thought maybe the battery was run down but after a few hours I checked and still nothing. Any ideas what might be wrong?
Very likely it is A - The thing that happened to it right before you went away, or B - the thing that somebody else did to it while you were gone.
One of those you know about, one you don't. We don't know either of them.

When you charged after returning, what were the states of the lights on the charger and the battery, if any, were any DVM measurements taken, and did the lights change at all when you checked after a few hours, and, ideally, were additional DVM measurements taken at that time?
This is the only available information other than "it don't work", which, while a common starting point, is just not very useful to arrive at a solution.

Otherwise, check carefully for loose wires or connection issues, Get a DVM on the battery