1. D

    Corratec mountain bike stuck in limp mode

    Hi my corratec mountain bike has gone into some kind of limp mode it assists up to about 7 mph and then stops how do I override this ?
  2. M

    Rubber cover for charge port for Corratec E power MTC CX5

    I have lost my rubber charge port cover. I have not managed to get a replacement. Any ideas re compatible covers please?
  3. L

    XXL e-bike for Overweight Riders - Corratec Life

    Overweight people in particular find it difficult to find an e-bike that meets their requirements. XXL e-bikes like the ones from Corratec are pretty rare. The Bavarian manufacturer Corratec has taken on the task of making XXL e-bikes and successfully launched two models that solve the problems...
  4. L

    Experience with Corratec eBike for men

    I am currently considering the Corratec E-Power Bosch Active Coaster for men. This is one of the few eBikes for men that I could find that suits my purpose. I also think the colour is pretty cool. Does anyone have any experience with this bike or can give me some tips?
  5. Anton

    Corratec eBikes: What Bavaria has to offer

    At Corratec everything comes from a single source. German development, design, assembly and production take place at the company's headquarters in Bavaria. Every single Corratec eBike and Corratec S-Pedelec is something special and was designed and produced with great attention to detail using...