XXL e-bike for Overweight Riders - Corratec Life


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Dec 19, 2018
Overweight people in particular find it difficult to find an e-bike that meets their requirements. XXL e-bikes like the ones from Corratec are pretty rare. The Bavarian manufacturer Corratec has taken on the task of making XXL e-bikes and successfully launched two models that solve the problems for heavy riders.

The Corratec Life CX 10S and the Corratec Life 8S are suitable for riders up to a total weight of 180kg and with the help of the doctor Dr. Ludwig Geiger they have created a health bike tailored to the needs of heavier riders. Corratec XXL e-bikes offer a number of advantages to larger riders.
I would not call myself overweight - but I am just big and strong and when I wanted to book an eBike with my wife on my Mallorca vacation, I had real problems. Not everyone knows it, but most eBikes are only approved up to a system weight (rider, ebike, backpack etc.) of 130kg and I already put more on the scales. My wife did not give up and actually found an eBike rental on the Internet that has a Corratec Life Bike in its range. Okay they call it e-bike lion but it doesn't matter - the main thing was 180kg system weight :)