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    Looking for an old pl350 bionx display with throttle

    hello fellow members, i'm looking for an old pl350 bionx display with a throttle, if any of you guys has one, not too expensive, pm me please
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    Riding my Bionx 500 / Cannondale SL2

    riding my Bionx 500 / Cannondale SL2 along the Han River in South Korea.. fast forward 5 minutes in to get the river part.
  3. L

    Bionx ebike wheel hub kit with custom battery

    I purchased a Bionx hub at a garage sale and had it laced into a rim off of Ebay. Then I find out that the Bionx wheel hub kit only works with Bionx parts. The problem is Bionx is very expensive. Does anyone know how I can power this hub?
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    My BionX 350Watt 20mph electric bike kit review

    I really like my BionX kit. It's really good for road riding with long commutes. I have the 350Watt 20mph kit. I don't think it'd be the best for off road riding with long steep hill climbs, for that I'd probably upgrade to the 500Watt 28mph kit. That would be nice a nice motor, maybe for my...