Riding my Bionx 500 / Cannondale SL2


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11:33 AM
May 4, 2020
riding my Bionx 500 / Cannondale SL2 along the Han River in South Korea.. fast forward 5 minutes in to get the river part.

i love these too bad they don't make them any more, i want mine to last forever, best ebike i ever had.
the nice thing is technology is always advancing and performance improving.. my 2015 BionX500 is boring me now.. I built a BBSHD and my own 72V batt and that is interesting to ride
plenty exiting for me though, i cannot say i never crashed , i had the worst body-re-arranging accident on its older version , the pl350, goes to show how sometimes , speed is not the issue, so when i upgraded to that beast , it was thrilling enough for this old guy :)

i got these after another accident that left me...let's say i came close ...and i never thought i could ride again , ebikes got me walking, working and living again , i had my life back and i could not believe it ! then the ebike accident ...bad one , i forced myself to ride again , and now i am almost fully functional again, bionx gave me that little boost i needed, :" go for it , if your body fails i got you" and i got back on track baby !

i may not be the speed junkie anymore , but the thrill is still there , just as intense as it ever was , keep rolling buddy!
I ride an e-bike because I physically can't ride a regular bike anymore. I have been passed by (spandex) guys riding like they're competing in the Tour de France. It doesn't matter if it's a Class I or Class III bike, or a regular bike. There should be speed limits on the trails. I can drive a Ferrari with 800hp, but if I go over 75mph on the freeway, I'm breaking the law. Same with the trails. Impose a speed limit of 15 mph.