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Lithium Ion batteries vary in voltage from full to empty. This is consistent across all batteries of the same nominal voltage. For example, if you have a 48v battery, 48 volts is the 'nominal' voltage or middle of the range of voltages for that battery. When you charge a 48v battery it actually charges to 54.6 volts and when it is empty it will be somewhere around 40-41 volts. Most ebike displays can show the actual voltage of the battery at any point in the discharge cycle. If you don't see the voltage on your display, go into the configuration menu and chances are you will see an option to enable having the voltage on your display. Sometimes you have a choice between voltage and percent. Choose voltage. Usually you already have a battery gauge that is roughly showing the percent of charge by graphically showing the battery with part of it lit. To know exactly how much battery you have left using the voltage reading, memorize the below voltage values for your battery and you will always know exactly how much charge you have left.

52 Volt Battery
58.8v – full tank
53v – half tank
46v – almost empty
42v – empty
48 Volt Battery
54.6v – full tank
49v – half tank
44v – almost empty
41v – empty
36 Volt Battery
42v – full tank
38v – half tank
33v – almost empty
30v – empty
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